Tired Of Wearing Glasses? Why Lasik Surgery Just Might Be For You!

Whether you're new to wearing glasses or you've had them for a long time, you're likely well acquainted with some of the struggles that can come with doing so. It's so easy to mistakenly leave your glasses behind after dining at a restaurant or rushing in to work after a long break only to realize that in your haste you've sat on your lenses and crushed them. It's at times like these when you start to seriously think about getting Lasik surgery.

Early Onset Cataracts: Did They Cause Your Eye Problems?

If you no longer see as well as you used to, you might blame your vision problems on aging. But if you're in your 30s and experience serious problems with your eyes, you might have early onset cataracts. Early onset cataracts can cause a host of symptoms that go beyond the normal aging process, including halos and double vision. Cataracts can eventually cause blindness without treatment. Learning more about your symptoms can help you find and receive the correct treatment for them.

Contact Lense FAQ

If you have just found out that you should be wearing prescription lenses then you may be wondering if you should get yourself some contacts. They can be a good choice for many people because they allow you to enjoy corrected vision without wearing glasses. This also makes it easier for you to continue sporting your favorite shades and to continue to show off your great looking eyes. Here are some frequently asked questions about contacts and the answers to them:

Glaucoma: One More Reason to Control Your Diabetes

Diabetes has a number of associated conditions and complications. Some of the most serious are eye diseases, among them, glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness in the United States. According to the American Diabetes Association, people who have diabetes are 40% more likely to suffer from glaucoma than non-diabetics. Also, a report from the Glaucoma Foundation states that there is a significant link between Type 2 diabetes and chronic open-angle glaucoma (COAG).

4 Things You Need to Know about Contact Lens Overwear Syndrome

Contact lenses are very popular: more than 30 million Americans wear them. Contact lenses are a safe alternative to glasses when they're worn properly, but when they're not worn properly, they can lead to complications such as contact lens overwear syndrome, also known as contact lens-associated red eye. Here are four things you need to know about contact lens overwear syndrome. 1. What are the signs of contact lens overwear syndrome?